Vocational skills relate to the specific tasks of a job for which a student is being prepared or for which he/she expresses an interest or aptitude.

The following examples of Vocational Skills are serve as a guide when choosing specific goals for students in developmental programs. The specific components of each student’s program will vary with age, strengths, and interest.

Carpet Slipper
Our learners cut slipper soles, cloths, foams according to the forma (size that we provide) and send for sewing. After sewing, they clean extra thread, tie up into pairs and put 50 pairs in box. They knot the box and carry to the delivery van. It’s a line of production they enjoy working. They feel empowered and have strong sense of responsibility to meet delivery date.
Bakery and Pastry
Bakery is a segment of where our learners are performing very well. This sector is aiming to be an income-generating program. Twenty young adults are trained in each batch supported by 05 special educators with one Master Trainer. Meanwhile PFDA-VTC has provided training to a good number of children and some of them have been employed in different ventures. A special Training Module and curriculum for the person with disabilities have been developed to run this program.
Paper Shopping Bag and Packet
Shopping bags, brown bags, paper box, confectionery items bags are made by the learners. They are supply in our bakery section and sale outside in other different shops
Handicrafts items
Different Handicrafts items are produced by our learners i.e. pen holder, Key ring, traditional cloths doll etc. Mainly these items are produced by the wasted materials.
Greeting Cards
The painter group of persons are unique in their paintings. now they are painting on greeting cards for different organizations, Painters from PFDA-VTC also received award from Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for Bangla New year Greeting Cards
Boutique and Dress Making
This is our one of the prominent section that students likes to work. Salwar Kamiz, sharee, dopatta, table cloths, bed sheets, napkin, shirt/ t-shirt, wrapping papers, bags are made here
Jewelry and Ornament
Our students are making necklace, earring, bracelet, wristlet, anklet with beads and stones. These are selling on commercial basis through web portal, display at Hotel Pan Pacific Sonargaon lobby, cash sale in different fairs.
Cooking and Careering Support

Our learners are actively participating in our cooking and catering service. They peel/cut vegetables , clean them, help in cooking. They also serve in delivery boxes following right food portion.

Food service
This is Community Based Approach (CBA). A food outlet has been established where our learners are learning how they will serve food in a restaurant, manners, etiquette, procedure and style of serving food including clearing are taught here.
Block Sharee, Salwar kamiz, Cloths etc
Our learners are learning to make Block designed on Sharee, Salwar Kamiz, dopatta, Blouse piece, bead sheets, pillow over,  Table cover, table napkin, T-shirts, shirts, wrapping paper etc preparation here

Mushroom Production
Mashroom Production by VTC students
Waste Paper Management
with wasted papers and news papers they are making pen holder, different size of beads, tray, pot, plates and jewelries are making here
Tie Dye cloths
Our learners are actively learning making tie dye cloths. They are making Salwar Kamiz, Panjabi, T-Shirt, ladies Dress, Sharee, children dress.
Computer Training
Basic Computer training, Microsoft office package, Photoshop and graphics designing ae taught here
Block Wrapping Papers