PFDA – Vocational Training Center

Differently Able, Not Disabled!

We believe every person with special needs has talent, to bloom they need Love, Protection and Nurture!

PFDA – Vocational Training Center was established in 2014 by Ms. Sajida Rahman Danny, Chairman of VTC with aim to nurture, develop capacity of persons with special needs to mainstream them in the society and in long run, residential rehabilitation to live with dignity.

PFDA – Vocational Training Centre (PFDA-VTC) is providing learning opportunity and promotes methods to empower young adult and adults with autism and neuro developmental disabilities so that they utilize their potentials and take part in mainstream society and in cases, may obtain independence. This Center is the first ever-such initiatives in Bangladesh.

We believe that every person has quality, in their own terms. Diversity of each person with autism is different so are their qualities. Here young adults and adults (15 years and above) are addressed from different perspective of livelihood scopes. The center provides comprehensive support for improving skill; enhancing life-skill and therapeutic support from 09:00 am to 05:00 pm to pursue rehabilitate them in the mainstream society.