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Oven fresh bakery items are made and supply to our outlet. You can order too :

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Angel Chef

Skills Development Programmer for the Persons with Disabilities under ILO, 200 persons with disabilities will be trained on Bakery and food service followed by employment Motivational steps for the participants:

PFDA- Vocational Training Center’s few trades where our learners are now showing their expertise We are proud to share this video with you as they have cross the barrier and proved that despite of everything they have capacity to work and contribute in economy!

The International Conference on Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders the  Three day conference from 19-21st April, 2017 in Thimphu adopted a six-point declaration to accelerate efforts to enable people with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders to lead a productive life. Eleven countries in the WHO south east asia region adopted the

্লক এর শাড়ি : আজকে এরা এই শাড়ি টি ব্লক কোরেছে এবং আমাকে দেখাতে নিয়ে এসেছে … আমি তো মুগ্ধ 😍😍 Please help us so we could sale the produce and allow